Data Recovery

Our PC's and laptops hold a wealth of information from Word and Excel documents to photos of precious family events like weddings and holidays. 

When they go wrong it can be a very distressing time wondering whether they are lost forever. 

We can help. Using a range of software and hardware techniques we can work to recover as much of your information as possible. 

Data recovery is never a 100% guaranteed success but we will always be honest with you about what we are able to do.

If the data is recoverable, we'll get it back. Simply click 'Recover by data' below' and tell us what you need.

New Tech Installation

Whether you are new to a piece of technology or you know what you are doing and just need a nudge in the right direction, we are here to help. 

From advice (which is always free from Project Raspberry) on what setup to buy to getting you fully installed and up and running we are on hand.

We provide support with brand new systems along with additions to your setup such as security and anti-virus products as well as hardware like RAM, external hard drives and more. 

Every laptop, PC and phone is different so if you are struggling with yours just get in touch with us by clicking 'Help with my tech below'.

Software Installation

New software comes in various shapes and sizes and can sometimes take some consideration as to whether it is right for your needs and your system can run the software you want. 

Project Raspberry can give impartial free advice on software you are considering as well as give you options if you are unsure of what you need. 

We will also install and ensure the software is working as expected on your system and work out any problems that may come up. 

If you have software questions just click 'Help me with software' below and we will be in touch. 

Hardware Installation

In the same way that we provide support for software we do the same for hardware. 

We both install new hardware in your system and provide advice if you are happy to do it yourself. 

From new RAM and hard drives to replacing failing parts, we will diagnose and solve hardware problems with your system. 

We will also be upfront and honest with you if the cost of repair is uneconomical. 

To contact us about your hardware questions just click 'Help me with hardware' below. 

Error & Bug Fixes 

Fixing errors & bugs is the bread and butter of IT support and we love to solve the weird and wonderful problems that tech throws up. 

If you have a PC or laptop that is doing something unexpected or maybe it just refuses to load properly, let us know and we will diagnose and repair your system. 

As part of our honesty policy, we only charge if we need to do some work on your system. If we can solve the problem by getting you to press a button, you won't pay a penny.  

If you are coming up against a problem you cannot solve, let us know by clicking the 'Solve my problem' button below.


The older your system gets, the slower it tends to run. 

To combat this Project Raspberry provides a servicing option to keep your system in the best possible condition. 

We will ensure you have the latest Windows updates, scan your system for malware and viruses, delete redundant files and programs and give you general advice on keeping things running smoothly. 

We will provide you with a full breakdown of the work completed with data on how your system is running.  

To book a service, click 'Service my system' below. 

Security and GDPR

Security is generally the thing that most of us have concerns about when it comes to our technology.

Project Raspberry are here to help combat and solve your security concerns using both software, hardware and good old-fashioned advice.

Many security questions can be solved with a straightforward explanation of what not to do but we can also install software to keep you secure. In addition to software we can also advice you on hardware options to keep your information safe.

We also provide a GDPR service through which we give advice on what information you can hold along with auditing your systems.

If you have any questions about security or GDPR just click 'Let's talk security' below.

Website Creation

Building a website for your business or hobby is no longer restricted to those that know how to code. There are a variety of options for people to build their own website for a fraction of the cost of just a few years ago. 

If however you would rather just get someone else to do it, Project Raspberry are on hand to build you a beautiful, mobile ready website. 

Once your site is up and running we can continue to update and make changes as and when you need them. 

As part of our honestly policy we will also show you how to maintain your own site once it is live so you can make your own charges at no cost if you would prefer. 

If you would like to discuss your website just click 'I want a website' below.